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Parisian Femininity to Inspire a Spring Bride


We have had so many opportunities since we embarked on this journey of floral design to collaborate with so many incredibly talented people, so many talented photographers, planners, and stylists. My natural inclination is to be a lone wolf. I’ve always been fiercely independent but working close and collaborating with other artists has been an incredible learning experience. There is so much that you can learn from working with others and learning how to express not the vision in your mind but be able to listen to and understand another creative voice and marry the two. My typical method is to come up with a vision but not decide on the exact details until just a few weeks before the project is executed. I often leave so much up to my imagination and this sort of instinctual decision making process.

This collaboration was different in that Elizabeth of East Made Event Co. approached me with a list of flowers and a very specific color palette.We’ve been trending in the direction of pieces with more flowers, less greenery. I think everything in moderation but I definitely see my style changing and adapting as I learn more and take in more inspiration. This was the first bouquet that challenged my way of thinking and took me out of my comfort zone in terms of bouquet making and style. My initial feeling was a bit of anxiousness because I was not certain of how it would come together, as my usual creations had much more greenery. I also had never had someone tell me exactly what flowers to use and I was not certain how all the different shapes and textures would play of each other. This is a great example of how collaborating challenges you creatively and stretches you to learn and grow. I was initially anxious about the concept because it was not my brain child and I hadn’t had weeks to muse over and draw inspiration for all the elements. Working with others forces you to push the boundaries, try something new and ultimately contributes to you being a better artist. I am so thankful for all these people who have trusted me to bring their vision to life but all the while letting me express myself and put my own personal vision on it. Being encouraged to think outside the box causes you to push the boundaries of your own creativity and feel that often times when we are challenged in this way that is when we are most inspired and creatively satisfied.

We wanted to create something with Parisian femininity and elegant but with a modern flare. These pieces were filled with so many of our seasonal favorites. Our most favorite being the butterfly ranunculus. As if Ranunculus weren’t otherworldly already, this variety is just her namesake. She speaks to a minimalistic Parisian femininity. Her petals are so delicate and flutter just like the wings of a butterfly. There is this miraculous beauty about them that make you feel more feminine and thankful for her beauty at just one glance. She’s like a graceful ballerina with delicate, expressive fingers that seem to float and gently blow across the stage. She is unbelievably kind and has this ability to make each and every person feel so special. She can reassure you, even on your worst days, that everything is going to be okay.

The tulips in these pieces were a welcomed surprised. Tulips and I have rarely gotten along. Over the years they have caused me much heartache and a relationship with them hardly seemed worth it. Tulips are like a person who is anxious and insecure. They tend not to be honest with themselves about their insecurities. I have always thought that they were best on their own, a solitary sort of creature. These tulips, on the other hand, were stunning, almost regal. Somewhat like the Parisian femininity of a Queen. They possessed this sort of quiet confidence that was so attractive. Not a classic beauty, they possess unique features but everyone cannot help but be drawn to their strong, effortless charm.