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Etherial Feminism and Organic Beauty

“We gaze upon walls from which ancient paint is peeling. We perceive intricate murals that wind up towards the ceiling like ivy. We discover a groaning wooden staircase leading to the chambers on the upper floor…We notice faded stone paths that lead through abandoned gardens. We recognize young delicate plants that sprout and bloom in the face of all resistance.” Excerpt from VOW Magazine No. 3 

Tucked deep in the woods somewhere in the middle of Virginia there stands this house, rich with texture and incredible beauty, the perfect backdrop for this inspiration that holds a sort of other worldly etherial feminism. The house sits, waiting patiently for someone to peek through the door and find the beauty hidden within. We felt as if we had entered into a magical land that has been untouched for hundreds of years. The imagination runs wild as it imagines the elegant parties, dancing and sounds of laughter that once filled the halls. The lush petals in this mostly garden rose bouquet lends to the etherial aesthetic while the delicate trailing vines bring soft, organic movement that adds to its feminism.

“Beauty is usually hard to overlook. But sometimes its lies hidden in the details, only to become clearly noticeable at second glance.” Excerpt from VOW Magazine No. 3 

This etherial inspiration was featured in the current issue of Hochzeitsguide VOW Magazine. This gorgeous publication is absolute perfection and with every turn of the page you are transported to other worlds rich with textures, romance and soft billows of elegant fabric. I highly recommend getting yourself a copy here!!

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