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French countryside chic meets modern sophistication for this awe-inspiring bridal shoot. LFDJ’s Genevieve Targoni gives us the inside scoop on the inspiration behind it all. 

Where did this shoot take place?

We did this shoot on a beautiful and cool spring day at a venue called Great Marsh in Warrenton, Virginia. It was styled and planned by Linda Ha for the sole purpose of producing something unique and to challenge our minds as creatives. I think it is really important as an artist to do work that is just for yourself and to continually stay in a headspace where you are inspired and exercising your creative juices. This shoot did exactly that!

What was your inspiration behind this floral design?

To be honest, it was a wallpaper in the bathroom of a restaurant! It was this gorgeous blue and white design and it really caught my eye. I haven’t had many opportunities to play with blue tones so I wanted to challenge myself with a new color palette. The overall style was influenced by the venue itself and its french-inspired architecture and the french countryside. I thought that blue would be a great color choice for a french countryside theme and it came together really nicely.

What flowers did you use to create this look?

Begonia leaves, garden roses from California, irises, cornflower, spirea, tweedia, honeysuckle, antique blue hydrangea, and blue delphinium.  

What other elements contributed to the overall aesthetic that you created?

I very carefully chose a combination of textures and flowers that created an elegant base to showcase and temper the blue flowers. I used to associate blue flowers with tacky floral arrangements so I wanted to break that stereotype and capture them in a new and sophisticated way. In addition to the flowers, Linda styled the shoot with great pieces like a wide-brimmed hat, a chiffon cape, and interesting tablescape details for an overall elegant French vibe.

Use three words to describe the vibe you were going for for this event.

Sophisticated, fresh, dramatic.

What was your favorite part about putting this together?

I enjoyed the challenge of thinking outside of the box in terms of color palette and choosing the right elements to soften the blue colors while still keeping it the star of the show.

What made this event different or unique from the others?

This photoshoot was awesome in that it showcases how a bride can think outside the box and take some risks on their wedding day but still have a beautiful and tasteful aesthetic. I love to inspire brides to create something truly unique to their individual personalities. The color palette also was also different for me and hopefully it inspires others to try new things, too! Whether it’s a bathroom wallpaper or something more personally significant, you never know where inspiration can strike and what beauty can come of it unless you take that risk.