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Where did this shoot take place?

This shoot took place in the old Hoen Lithograph Building in Baltimore, MD (@hoenlithograph). It is currently under construction and being renovated into modern residences, restaurants and retail spaces. The unique undone aesthetic of the construction sight was an incredible backdrop for an amazing modern, urban vibe.

What was your inspiration behind this floral design?

The overall inspiration for this aesthetic was envisioned by the amazing pair @limonatacreative (Art Direction and Set Styling) and @sean_scheidt_photography (Photographer and Art Direction). We were going for a modern take on the Dutch Masters paintings. We chose a rich color palette of marigold, deep reds, blues and burnt yellows, which really lends to a dutch masters vibe.  

What flowers did you use to create this look?

Parrot tulips, tiger lilies, delphinium, cottage yarrow, and foraged elements including trumpet vine seed pods, bullrushes, chocolate cosmos, peonies, amaranthus, quicksand roses and tweedia.

What other elements contributed to the overall aesthetic that you created?

There were two elements that really added to creating the overall aesthetic: textured products and the location. The location and the unique elements of the surrounding atmosphere really took the arrangements from a more classic Dutch masterpiece and pushed it into a more modern direction. We wanted to mimic the rich, textured abundant style of the Dutch Masters paintings while putting our own unique spin on it.

Use three words to describe the vibe you were going for for this event. Work of art.

What was your favorite part about putting this together?

I loved the opportunity and challenge of creating something outside of the wedding world (which I love, too!). It gave me a chance to grow creatively by making pieces outside of traditional wedding arrangements like bouquets and tablescapes.

What made this event different or unique from the others?

Typically I work with a group of individuals who are working in or associated with the wedding industry. This was an incredible opportunity to branch out into a new industry that I am really interested in and meeting an incredible group of creative business owners who work in the fashion industry and the food and prop styling worlds. I loved coming into a space that maybe wasn’t intrinsically beautiful, but thinking outside the box to create something stunning out of it by using the juxtaposition and enhancing the natural elements of the space instead of masking it.