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At LFDJ, we get inspiration from everything under the sun – even suns from other galaxies! The vision for this shoot came about through studying the constellations and it turned out to be one of our favorite works to date. We hope it encourages you to look all around you, and even above you, for creative inspiration in your everyday life.

Where did this shoot take place?

Cylburn Aboretum in Baltimore, MD. It’s a gorgeous garden and nature preserve with perfectly manicured lawns surrounded by wildflowers, wildlife, and birds. We were inside the historic Cylburn Mansion where the meticulous European plaster work and marble fireplaces set the stage for this heavenly shoot.

What was your inspiration behind this floral design?

There is a constellation called Coma Berenices named after Queen Berenice II of Egypt. It’s in the shape of her long, flowing blonde locks. The legend is that she cut her hair off as an offering to the gods to ensure that her lover Ptolemy, the ruler of Egypt, would come home from battle. The constellation has some of the strongest, brightest stars in the sky and is part of a radiant meteor shower. I was so taken by the history and the magic and movement of the stars that I knew I needed to weave it into this project.

What flowers did you use to create this look?

Spirea, ranunculus, sweet peas, babies breath, rice flower.

Use three words to describe the vibe you were going for for this event.

Celestial, radiant, divine.

What was your favorite part about putting this together?

As a florist, I’m accustomed to working with earth-bound ingredients, which is magical in it’s own right, but I love how we brought otherworldly elements into this shoot. The fusion of the celestial with the organic made this really special to me. It’s down to earth and natural, yet supernatural at the same time.