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Mystical City Elopement

Where did this wedding take place? This intimate elopement was held in the gardens at Tudor Place in Washington, D.C.. The ceremony was held in front of a tiny pond in a quaint, quiet corner of the gardens. It was the perfect setting for this amazing couple to say their vows.

What was your inspiration behind these floral pieces and design concept? The bride is a lovely friend of mine and she has the most fun, magnetic energy. We wanted to capture the mystical way in which the Bride sees the world and the beauty that she surrounds herself with daily. Other sources of inspiration were A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Kate Moss.

What flowers did you use to create this look? We used an array of textural blooms but most noteably the most perfect lavender clematis and vibrant orange trumpet vines were total show stoppers.

Use three words to describe the chosen vibe for this event. Otherworldly, Mystical, and Joyful.

What was your favorite part about putting this together? The thrill and the privilege of creating for someone you love and being a part of seeing their eyes light up on their special day. Mary Francis is a dear friend of mine and I have such deep respect for the way she sees the world and the way she carries herself. To have her ask me to help design and create one of the most special moments of her life is beyond a privilege.

What made this event different or unique from other events? At this point, everyone is aware or should be aware of what 2020 has done to the events industry. These special moments between lovers and families have come to a screeching halt. This elopement is different in so many ways because of the circumstances that 2020 has brought, No guests. No dancing. No long dinner tables overflowing with flowers and candlelight. Families joining in on Zoom. Despite the circumstance, this celebration was overflowing with love, magic, and the beautiful resilience of the human spirit to continue to move forward even when things are uncertain.